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Customers are employers

The Entrup family is an Austrian pioneer in the domain of printed data: It all began 80 years ago, with a printing shop for account books, account cards and pocket calendars, and the ‘Automatic’ machine, which was Austria’s first half-rotation form-printing machine. Even after the war, the company was at the leading edge of technology when it came to film-setting, continuous printing, snap-out printing, compilation operations, editing and operations involving the attachment of sets of liners.

In 1972, Klaus Entrup founded the company called ‘Dataform’ – His customary combination of business acumen, entrepreneurial courage and reliable employees created quite an impressive success story. Along with printing, the company also started trading in machines. Thanks to the participation of Kern and Hunkeler, the peak of high-tech Swiss technology for the domains of digital printing and shipping came together in Großebersdorf.

Today, the Dataform group is supported by two solid pillars: ‘Dataform Media’ deals with operations involving printing and outsourcing, while ‘Dataform Paper Processing’ handles machines and services. The group has been expanding on a continuous basis for more than 40 years. The secret of its success is the round-the-clock dedication shown by its employees.

“We consider our customers to be our employers. Consequently, we offer optimal products and optimal services”, says Klaus Entrup about his recipe for success.

~ 80


~ 15

digital- and offset printing machines

~ 2.000

tons of paper
consumption in a year

in > 13

countries present


Dataform Media

more than printing

We are passionate about forms and mailing. This passion covers everything from simple letters with attached payment slips and complex sets of forms to tickets with security printing features and elaborate packages for the VIPs who visit large events. We can print, assemble, envelope and dispatch just about anything. Furthermore, we use our own in-house post office. With the best requirements: ISO 9001-certified, on a production space with an area of 8000 m². Our activities encompass the absorption of data, processing and digital feedback – Our data security system attains the highest standards.

Dataform Paper Processing

more than machines

The right machines for pre-processing and post-processing documents associated with digital printing, and for the shipping operations:

    • Unwinders and Rewinders
    • Folding, cutting and stacking devices
    • Inserting systems for every requirement
    • Software solutions for the secure transmission of documents

The world’s leading technology is backed up by the best possible service: This involves secure investment decisions for Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and other Eastern European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Precision is not witchcraft, but a way of life that is based on three main pillars: High-quality services, high-quality production and high-quality controls.
From data acquisition to sets of forms, from letter paper to advertising mails: Dataform uses the optimal technology in every situation.
Compared to the early days, digital printing necessitates a higher degree of flexibility and a larger amount of service – And service has always been one of Dataform’s strengths.
Mailing operations can save lives, provided that the production and dispatch operations can be executed within a few hours. It leads to a warm feeling.



dataform - a success story
since several decades


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