Service and training

When it comes to Austria and CEE, the service and training provided by Dataform are quite unique. Dataform’s customers know for a fact that their machines are always available. Special requirements – such as requirements associated with special papers, attachments, envelopes or spatial considerations – are factored into the planning phase.

  • Training: Dataform’s machines are quite easy to use. You just have to recognise and utilise the options provided by them. Consequently, the customers are familiarised with the machines right from the beginning – This covers everything from a rough overview to special training sessions.
  • Maintenance: Dataform’s customer service department offers technical service and support in every class. This covers everything from simple maintenance contracts to full-service arrangements, and employee training programmes for minor maintenance activities to round-the-clock on-call services.
  • Repairs: Problems can emerge in spite of all the perfection in the world. Since Dataform plays the role of the general agency for Hunkeler and Kern, it possesses a network of branch offices containing teams of experts who are always on call.