inserting highrange

In case of inserting, the whole thing always comes down to the specific requirements. Some clients require a very fast production process, some focus on a large selection of formats, and some desire a large degree of flexibility when it comes to the attachments. Dataform has the right machines for the most diverse tasks, and the company employs state-of-the-art technology: From the small inserting machine that is used for several hundred deliveries to one of the fastest enveloping machines in the world, all of the company’s machines have proven their worth under the toughest circumstances. Small desktop-based inserting systems already handle a monthly throughput ranging from 2000 pieces onwards!

Production Highrange
When it comes to larger tasks, we recommend using the technology of Kern AG. The long-established Swiss company has been active in the domain of document processing and packaging for several decades. Throughout the world, its name is synonymous with performance, precision and reliability.

Dataform Paper Processing plays the role of the general agency of Kern AG in Austria and several countries in south-east Europe, and serves as a point of contact for customised products.