inserting office

In case of inserting, the whole thing always comes down to the specific requirements. Some clients require a very fast production process, some focus on a large selection of formats, and some desire a large degree of flexibility when it comes to the attachments. Dataform has the right machines for the most diverse tasks, and the company employs state-of-the-art technology: From the small inserting machine that is used for several hundred deliveries to one of the fastest enveloping machines in the world, all of the company’s machines have proven their worth under the toughest circumstances. Small desktop-based inserting systems already handle a monthly throughput ranging from 2000 pieces onwards!

Enveloping operations start at the micro level: Daily post items, pay slips and small deliveries do not need to be processed manually. Dataform offers professional advice and a large bandwidth of products, which covers everything from desktop devices that are extremely easy to handle to office-friendly devices featuring a reading facility and attachment stations.

For example, consider the MI 1: Simple, secure, reliable. If the situation involves high volumes, high fill powers and variable contents, the MI 1C enveloping system delivers an impressive performance in every single department – The system features fill powers lying in the range of up to 8 sheets/envelope, up to 6 stations for documents and attachments and a capacity of 4000 envelopes/hour. It is user-friendly thanks to the patented Load`N Go system (automatic checking of the document sizes and folding pre-setting), its ease of handling and its high-performance feeders, which reduce the time-frame associated with the re-filling operation: Consequently, the system is the right choice for professional requirements.